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Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 



but seriously is anyone over merlin yet




(the fluffy t-rex )

I’ve been tagged by the lovelies Laura and Phil. It took a few times but here it is ! The questions are in the pictures description.
I’ve just realized i’ve forgot one of them so i’m answering here because i’m too lazy to draw it

Preferred season/time of year, and why you love it so much?

Except the fact that i kinda hate summer because heat (uuurgh), i don’t really have a favorite season/time of the year. What i like the most about seasons is their sunset. The more colors, the more i’ll like it.

I need to find questions and who i’m going to tag so i’ll be back !

Guys. GUYS. Do you ever have those moments where your heart just swells and you realise “I am completely in platonic love with this incredible human being and their existence is so awesome I just teared up”? Because that is how I feel about Lettie. If you’re not following her, go hit that follow button, PRONTO! She’s one of the loveliest humans on this site and will make you smile, improve your dash with the prettiest art and just, she is a delight of a person and a very dear friend. Also, she’s multilingual! (Basically she’s hella talented.)

Lettie, I want to wrap you up in a giant hug and just gaze lovingly on all of these answers: you’re one of the strongest, most epic ladies we know and also I really want to print the Steve Rogers answer out on my wall as a motivational poster. Hellz yeah to You’re the Voice and to be honest, you’d be the most fabulous mermaid. We love you so much, your Toothless is officially our fave, and we’re so lucky to know you. ♥

I have no intelligible response for all that love so i’m just gonna post this gif and cry over how lucky i am to know those two amazing girls.

Also,  i love you too ♥♥♥


Ulyana Sergeenko Spring/Summer RTW 2012


BASIL SODA Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

this is the raddest thing i’ve seen in a while tbh

#Badass Broads




marvel give me a short about sharon’s undercover time as a nurse/steve’s neighbor and that one time she had to fight off ninjas from steve’s apartment while he was like, making dinner and sitting alone reading obama’s biography

With the music turned up really loudly because he’s a gentleman and he thought the noises were her having sex.

His stupidly hopeful ‘cup of coffee’ is both funnier and sadder in this context.